The Jewel is the first book of The Lone City series, written by YA author Amy Ewing. Published September 2nd, 2014 by HarperTeen.


The Jewel is the first book in The Lone City book series. It will be followed by The White Rose and The Black Key.

Summary (May contain spoilers)

The Jewel follows the story of surrogate Violet Lasting (also known as Lot 197). It opens on Reckoning Day, where she has to see her family before being brought to the Auction. Violet visits her mother, brother, and sister to say goodbye to them.

The day of the Auction, she and her best friend, Raven, and 198 other surrogates will be sold to the royalty of the Jewel, whose children they shall bear. She is prepared by Lucien, a lady-in-waiting, who comforts and lets her chose what she'll wear. Waiting for her turn, she talks to a shy girl called Dahlia, who is Lot 200 and the best surrogate at this year's Auction. There is also Lot 198 and Lot 199 (Nicknamed Lioness and Iced Cake respectively). While there is some competition for the highest bidder, Violet is sold to the Duchess of the Lake, with the electress (the Exetor's wife), losing.

At the Duchess' palace, she is prepared and meets her lady-in-waiting, Annabelle, who is mute. She is greeted with a slap by the Duchess as a reminder not to misbehave. Later that day, the Electress and the Ladies of the Founding Houses go to the House of the Lake to have a meal, to which they bring their surrogates.

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