Raven is described as having black hair that is slick, straight, and glossy. Her skin is a rich caramel color. She has dark eyes, shaped like almonds, and an oval face.

From the information above, it can be concluded that her character is based on an East Asian girl, as she wears a dress similar to a kimono when she visits the House of the Lake with her mistress, the Countess of the Stone. The same applies to the initial prep-process when she was described to be wearing a red-gold robe, seemingly of East Asian origin.


When Raven was 12 years old she passed the surrogate test and was transferred to Southgate, leaving her family behind.

After one year in Southgate Raven meets Violet Lasting in class and helps her with the first augury. The two become best friends ever since. She later reveals to Violet that she failed her first year at Southgate on purpose.

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