Ochre is Violet's younger brother, and Hazel's older brother. He's around 14 in the books. During the time Violet is in Southgate, he drops out of school, and starts to work on The House Of Flame's farm to support their family.

Although not much is said about Ochre's appearance, it is revealed that he is 6 foot tall.

The Jewel

He sees Violet on Reckoning Day, but does not appear in the rest of the book.

The White Rose

He joins The Society Of The Black Key, and sees Violet at one of the society's meeting, and he gets trained to help fight to bring down the royal. He also presents the news that Hazel has been taken to Violet at the end of the book.

The Black Key

He goes with Ash to The Bank to get some companions on their side, and help them fight the royalty. He fights the royalty, and and stays with Hazel at the end of the book.