Hazel is described as being "all arms and legs" with a bony frame due to her lack of nutrition in The Marsh. She has her father's face and eyes. Her hair is just like Violet's black, long and wavy.


The Jewel:

In the Jewel, Violet goes to visit her family the day before the auction. Everyone is overjoyed to see her but Hazel just stares at Violet, then she runs away. When Violet goes to talk to her, Hazel confesses she thought that Violet never loved her and left her because of the comforts she got as an surrogate. Violet reassured her, that she loved her and never wanted to leave her and the sisters reconcile.

The White Rose:

At the end of The White Rose, it is revealed that Hazel was taken away from her family and that she is the new surrogate for the Duchess of the Lake.


After Violet went to southgate, she used to write to her everyday.

She is extremely smart and is in the top of her class at school.

She often gets into fights with boys a school.

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